Our primary objective is to promote Health and Wellbeing of our consumers while helping them reduce the risk of non-communicable disease to live healthier lives longer.

The products we promote have potential positive effects on Health beyond basic nutrition and are therefore known as Functional Foods. Organicoguru offers a range of sustainably sourced Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Nut free, Egg free and sugarless products for our consumers and patients.

Our other objective is to protect Mother Earth, as she is all that we will ever leave behind for our children to grow up and live in. The products we promote therefore are predominantly Certified Organic (ACO), primarily sourced from Australia or are sustainably produced locally. We have searched far and wide to ensure the products we endorse as Organicoguru are only those of the best quality.

During our many communications with our consumers and patients who reached out for our help over these years, we realized that our purpose as Organicoguru was larger than being purely a Health Food and Beverage company.

In recent times, we met people who had lost their employment and their sources of regular income. We feel the suffering and fear of a global population stuck down by a pandemic. We realized how the environment bounces back when left untampered as well as how negligence can lead to environmental disasters that will impact our children for decades to come. We met people who were passionate about cooking healthier food and shared those moments of joy with us as well as parents who were relieved by the food solutions we could offer their precious children, who were born with food allergies.

Organicoguru therefore decided to also launch a Support Initiative for Small. /Medium start-up businesses in Asia and help them on Sustainable Development Platforms for this evolving landscape of needs. Thus, recreate income sources they may have lost, and identify sustainable employment opportunities upstream for our many primary sources, i.e.; the farmers and fishermen of our time.


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